Kids Can Write: Elea Abisamra helping children to become publishers


Elea-Maria Abisamra, a dedicated and inspiring undergraduate student at Virginia Tech, has made remarkable strides in blending her passions for STEM, writing, and entrepreneurship. As a sophomore majoring in Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience, with minors in creative writing and international studies, Elea embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity.

In June 2022, Elea realized her dream by founding “Kids Can Write,” a global nonprofit organization. This organization, which she leads as CEO, aims to inspire and guide young minds in the field of writing, particularly within the context of STEM education. The central idea of “Kids Can Write” is to connect college students with younger children, ages 7 to 13, helping them craft their own stories and guiding them through the process of self-publishing their work online, specifically through Kindle Direct Publishing.

Elea’s journey into the world of writing and publishing began at a very young age. By the age of 6, she was already creating books by stapling pages together, and at 9, she successfully published a book with the help of her mother’s friend through Create Space. This early exposure to writing and publishing ignited a passion in Elea to help others achieve similar goals.

At Virginia Tech, Elea’s involvement in the Innovate Living Learning Community, which emphasizes entrepreneurship, further fueled her ambition to establish “Kids Can Write.” Despite the challenges of creating a curriculum, registering the club, finding elementary school partners, and recruiting tutors, she persisted. Her efforts paid off, as the organization has seen significant growth since its inception. Initially starting with 15 young authors, the program expanded to over 50 participants by spring 2023. Additionally, Elea has extended “Kids Can Write” to George Mason University, with aspirations of reaching even more institutions.

The impact of “Kids Can Write” extends beyond just teaching children how to write. It’s a program that empowers children, boosts their confidence, and opens up a world of creativity and learning. The Virginia Tech chapter of the organization even includes a unique neuroscience program where children learn about neuroscience through the process of writing books, offering a novel and engaging approach to STEM education.

Elea’s work has not gone unnoticed. She has been recognized with the prestigious Patricia C. Perna Fellowship, which supports her efforts to expand the program to hospitals. This expansion, named the Jad Initiative in honor of her cousin Jad Salem, who passed away from Osteosarcoma in 2019, aims to reach a broader audience, including patients in cancer centers, hospices, and retirement homes.

“Kids Can Write” stands as a testament to Elea-Maria Abisamra’s vision, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. It showcases how one individual’s passion and drive can create a significant impact, inspiring and enabling young minds to explore their creativity and learn in innovative ways.


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