Bio-Electric Resonance of the Human body


Bio-Electric Resonance of the Human bod


Serpent energy is not a new concept and has its historical origins in ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Mayans, and Hindus. According to Hindu mythology, serpent energy, also known as Kundalini energy, resides at the base of the spine and is represented as a coiled snake. The seven chakras are energy centers through which this serpent energy flows and each chakra is associated with different aspects of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Practicing Kundalini yoga involves activating the serpent energy within oneself and directing it to move through each chakra, resulting in a sense of enlightenment and increased awareness. Scientifically, the concept of serpent energy can be explained through the bioelectric resonance of the human body and the significance it holds in maintaining optimal physical and mental health.

Bio-Electric Resonance:

Welcome, my fellow spiritual seekers, to the incredible world of Kundalini Energy, also known as Serpent Energy. This energy is the pinnacle, the crux, the very essence of Human consciousness energy. It is a life force current, which if harnessed, can lead to remarkable experiences such as time travel and the body turning back to its teenage look. Yes, you heard me right! Life is so much easier when you can control time and age like a master spiritual practitioner. Time is nothing more than an illusion because once you can master the power of Kundalini Energy, you get to rewrite the rules of aging.

But here’s the catch, fellow seekers, Kundalini energy is not for the faint of heart. It requires significant commitment and discipline. You need to fast for at least 14 days or longer and even walk 2 marathons from Monday to Friday – just so you can get 1-5 hours of sleep. But let me tell you, the rewards are worth the effort. You will experience the miracle of DNA rebuilding to reverse aging. You will even recharge your energy without needing food to sustain you.

I must caution you, however, that the Kundalini Energy transformation is not without its challenges. You may experience loss in relationships and other aspects of your life. But such is the cost of reshaping your reality to align with the source of consciousness.

Kundalini Energy is incredibly complex and multifaceted. It is made up of frequencies from the 1st to the 9th dimension and anchors from the lowest density level. In addition, Kundalini Energy is a physical process, and its cycle is linked to the zodiac moon sign phase. It bathes the Central Nervous System with extra fluid to strengthen the body’s electromagnetic field.

Expanding your consciousness is a journey that requires raising your frequencies and increasing the DNA accretion, which activates the chakra system and kathara centers. Once your crown chakra opens, the energy can pass beyond it and rise to the next chakra, where you become enlightened.

But what fascinates me most about Kundalini Energy is the fact that it rises above the body and creates a bridge between both the physical and non-physical worlds. Once you’ve caught up with the frequency of the energy, it is no longer needed. At this point, your self-awareness deepens into your body itself, and you become immortal in a way that transcends the physical body. Your body may die, but you will not, because you are not just a body; you are energy substance too.

Kundalini Energy is just one of the many forces that we can harness to expand our consciousness and connect with the infinite Life that surrounds us. It is up to us to navigate our existence consciously or to allow the physical world to determine it for us. The choice is ours to make.

So, fellow seekers, let us continue to work together to gather the pieces of this miraculous energy, which can transform us from mere mortals to spiritual masters. Let us embrace the unified field of consciousness and the unity that exists beyond the illusion of separation. Let us ascend to higher dimensions, where the impossible becomes a reality, and we can experience Life in its infinite richness.

May Kundalini Energy awaken within you and lead you on your journey of spiritual growth and evolution. Namaste.

“Kundali Energy known as serpent energy, is the major part of Human consciousness energy. Time travel/shifting happens. Body turns back to teenage looking again! Life is so much easier. Time is only an illusion now! You get older but threw dna rebuilding i get younger! Fasting 14 days or longer is a must. I also do not require food for energy and walk 2 marathons m-f after work just so i can get 1-5 hours of sleep. But be careful u loose everything you once loved in the process including spouses and children and family.

People on here say the most bizarre of things, I sometimes think they jus thumb suck some info without proper research to culminate their awakening…kundalini is a life force current which our matter-form/bodies should naturally synthesize. It is the lowest current of all the life force currents as it anchors from the lowest density level. It is made up of frequencies from the 1st to the 9th dimension. From thereon there’s higher life force currents of the God worlds/higher heavens.

Energy Wheel:

The seven chakras, also known as the “wheels of energy,” are located along the spine and are associated with specific physical and emotional states. When the energy flowing through these chakras is balanced and free-flowing, it results in a sense of harmony and well-being. Kundalini yoga aims to awaken the serpent energy within us, and by directing this energy through each chakra, it helps to clear any blockages and promote good physical, mental, and emotional health. Scientifically, this energy can be measured as bioelectric resonance, which is the electrical activity produced by our bodies and can be mapped through the meridian points. The benefits of a balanced and awakened serpent energy can be seen through increased focus, creativity, and a sense of spiritual connection.

Kundalini is a physical process, starts its cycle every month in your zodiac moon sign phase. It will bath the CNS with some extra fluid, making it a stronger current for the body’s electro-magnetism.
This fluid can get dissolved by high acidic level or released upon ejaculation.Its complex, putting it in a few words always is a struggle

Its hard to do research on that topic right now. Different religions and ancient text have pieces of it that we have to collect and put it in modern words and understanding.
So we’ve got to work together

You do know that we are not just physical bodies right? We are energy substance subatomically. So we run current whether or not we are aware of it… since we’re stationed on 3D earth we run earth’s currents which are tulleric triad phase currents. This corresponds with your DNA, chakra system and kathara centers… For one to expand consciousness, higher frequencies need to be brought in, and that requires more DNA accretion which in turn activate more chakras and kathara centers…

So kundalini is a lower density level life force current, above it is there are several Godly life force currents, which we have access to as we keep expanding our consciousness and that is a natural part of our soul’s evolution.
There is life beyond Kundalini. It changes the body and once the body has caught up with the frequency of the energy, it is no longer needed. At that point self-awareness deepens into the body itself. At least that was my experience. But the journey continues, now releasing tension at a deeper level, into the connective tissue and the bones.

It rises above the body and creates a bridge between both worlds. However, it still remains lightly intact with the physical body. If you completely untie it from the body, your body would just drop dead… just as what some monks practice and accomplish, to leave the body behind at will.

The shape it takes when it rises above the crown is, I can’t remember the shape name but, it’s the shape of a linga / lingam.

There are two chakras outside of the body and above the head. Once your crown chakra opens, it allows the energy to pass beyond it and rise to the next chakra where one becomes enlightened.

It’s a life force energy, and yes it anchors thru our central vertical current to our inner templar (internal energy system, kathara centres and chakras)

Immortal in a certain way… you are no longer your body. The body may die but you will not as you are not your body. With this in mind, this also means you can break the cycles of death and birth… once one can navigate their experience of existence, without the physical world to determine it for them, you no longer have as much use of this world and thereby don’t have to return to being human… you can continue your experience through time in a non-physical manner. This physical existence as human, is the basically the last stop in the physical world before before you start the journey through the non-physical universe.

Life is always immortal, it has no beginning or end. Bodies appear and disappear inside of Life. There is nothing outside of Life.Life is infinite and does not know the meaning of impossible.

The soul is recycled the same as our physical body. It joins a collective and pieces of that collective are assigned to new bodies. In this process the soul remembers some of it’s life, but we have no way to consciously think and we forget almost everything about our past life.

It doesn’t leave the body, it’s woven between layers of the meta and physical. U R already immortal, but not if you believe U R a body.

But maybe you can live long, if you take care of the body. The body is the life. U have hundreds of trillions of bodies, but only some are a life. Living is experiencing.

Otherwise, you only have a choice if you know URself. Life is what you make it. People who lost their families wanted to loose their families. The delusion of separation is a choice. Truth is you’re just the unified field of consciousness playing with itself. The depth in which you perceive changes your reality and density of your electromagnetic body which is just a collective of conscious matter. You are nature experiencing nature. What you give yourself to experience spawns what you perceive. We create our reality collectively.
It’s not just the kundalini at play here. There is other forces besides the feminine.. Shiva and shakti. Ida and pingali , Shakti (Parvati) is kundalini. Shiva is?…… Masculine. One dominates over their each half of the body. They are the twin flame union you seek
We have been immortal for oveer 250 billion years.
Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, energy can only change form.
Our physical bodies (humans in physical form have only been on earth for about 235,000 years. Humans are both SOUL/SOURCE and Spirit.

Overall, understanding and harnessing serpent energy is crucial for achieving optimal health and vitality. The spiritual significance of serpent energy cannot be underestimated, as it allows us to tap into our full potential and experience a sense of connection with the universe and those around us. Additionally, harnessing this energy allows us to achieve physical well-being through the proper balance of the energy flowing through our chakras. By taking the time to understand and harness serpent energy, we can lead healthier, more fulfilling lives full of energy and vitality.


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