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The calculator is for information only, the actual payout value may vary due to the volatile market. Payout is only available in XRP. 

Please read our Terms, conditions & Privacy Policy and Donors, return & refund Policy.

reward list

Visitor referral

20 xCIVp / visitor
  • Share your private link and invite visitors
  • Earn for every click and site visit
  • Max 2000 xCIVp / day

Register referral

100 xCIVp / register
  • Share your private link and invite new users
  • Earn for every new registration
  • Max 5000 xCIVp / day

New Register

500 xCIVp / register
  • Every new user will receive reward
  • New user will receive welcome bonus
  • One time reward

New Blog post

1000 xCIVp / post
  • write your content and share it with others
  • Every post must be approved by moderator
  • Max 2000 xCIVp / day

Start Project

5000 xCIVp / project
  • Start your project, get funded, receive feedback or find co-workers
  • We'll reward every approved project first
  • Maximum 1 project per user

Comment & discuss

100 xCIVp / comment
  • Be social, give feedback, share your knowledge
  • We're supporting active users, learning from each other
  • Max 2000 xCIVp / day


-5000 xCIVp
  • Any violation of the rules will be penalized
  • Looking only for quality and unique content with source if any
  • if you can't afford the penalty, you get a BAN

Rank list - PAYout milestones

Theoretical Trailblazer

1500 xCIVp


Astral investigator

4000 xCIVp


Quantum quasar

6000 xCIVp


Nebula navigator

8000 xCIVp


Stellar Explorer

10000 xCIVp


Quantum Enthusiast

15000 xCIVp


Empirical Einstein

20000 xCIVp


Research Pioneer

40000 xCIVp


FAQ is an inclusive online platform designed to foster a vibrant community of researchers, professionals, and the public. Our focus is on collaboration, knowledge sharing, and real benefits through the xCIVp reward system, which is pegged to the xCIV governance token minted on XRPL. is open to everyone passionate about research, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Regardless of your background, you can register and begin earning xCIVp by completing rewarding tasks.

Earning xCIVp is simple and rewarding. Register on our platform, complete rewarded tasks, and start accumulating xCIVp. The value of your rewards is directly linked to the value of xCIV, which can be explored in-depth at

The higher the value of xCIV, the greater your rewards, and vice versa. xCIVp is closely tied to the xCIV governance token on the XRPL. Your rewards are influenced by the value of xCIV, creating a direct link between your contributions and the overall value of the ecosystem. It means, any success is OUR success. 

RANK is a measure of your activity and engagement on the platform reflecting your xCIVp amount. A higher RANK results in a larger exchange bonus during payouts. Explore the RANK overview to understand the potential benefits of a higher RANK. After each payout, your rank level moves to the starting position, but you get a special batch that shows others how many times you have made a payout and at what rank level.

The xCIVp master distribution account is used to evenly distribute rewards to users while monitoring cash flow and financial sustainability. Each week, xCIVp will subsidize this account for the payment of rewards. The amount of the subsidy depends on the number of active users and the total traffic of the site.

Even if xCIVp main distribution account balance reaches 0 xCIVp, you can continue contributing to the community. However, no one won’t be eligible for rewards until the next subsidization. Alternatively, you can prepare your work for release and await the next subsidization.

For an estimated income calculation, please refer to our calculator. However, bear in mind that the market can be volatile, which might affect actual payouts.the amount calculated is only indicative and does not commit to payment, no payment of reward is legally enforceable.

The timing of your payout is at your discretion. You can choose when to initiate a payout based on your xCIVp balance and RANK. Keep in mind that xCIVp availability is limited and influenced by the institute’s cash flow and user activity. This means that more users will release more xCIVp into circulation and allow you to earn more, which is why a referral program is so important.

Payouts are made in XRP and are contingent upon achieving a specific RANK on the platform. A higher RANK translates to a larger exchange bonus for your payout, enhancing your earnings significantly. Each user must have an open XRP wallet to receive payouts.

Payouts are not automated yet. Once you initiate a payout, it will be realized within 48 hours. Please understand that the process might take a short while as it’s handled manually. For payout please send request to Request must contain user name, amount of xCIVp to exchange, actual RANK and valid XRP wallet address with destination tag if needed.  

We are dedicated to maintaining high content standards. Administrators have the authority to penalize or even ban accounts that violate guidelines, ensuring a quality-driven environment for all users. Also public discussion and rating of each work will show quality. We plan to engage verified users to make paid peer reviews if the future and compare results with unverified public opinion.